We’ve got a treat for you this month which is a little bit off the beaten path for us…a talk on MacRuby. It’s definitely a Ruby topic which has a lot of interest in our community, nonetheless.


Ruby is not only a great language for doing web application development, but is garnering great fanfare recently as an new tool for doing full blown applications development for desktop client software as well. Tools like IronRuby on the PC and MacRuby on the Mac make the task of writing a desktop application as fun if not more fun than doing web apps and with many of the same advantages. In this talk we look at MacRuby and how it can be used to create full blown Mac desktop apps while using and talking to many of the same libraries and tools you use to do web apps with Ruby. 

Sam Griffith Jr. is a Mentor and Senior Architect with over 20 years experience across many different business sectors including Wall Street, Telecom, Petroleum, Education and Healthcare. Sams educational work has included working as both a mentor at various companies as well as being an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University teaching Java. He has also taught Smalltalk, Objective-C, C++ and other languages and tools. He has presenting various topics at conferences such at JBoss World and Infotec, as well as various user groups. Sam is a co-author of two books: O’Reilly’s JBoss: A Developers Notebook and Addison-Wesley’s iPhone Programmers Road Map: A Guided Tour of the Official SDK (soon to be published).


Wynn Netherland of Squeejee (creator of Tweet Congress ) talks MongoDB.

MongoDB - Documented-oriented or Relational Database? Yes, please!

  • The NOSQL landscape
  • MongoDB compared
  • Up and running with Ruby and MongoDB
  • Ruby ORMs compared
  • Javascript and the Mongo Shell
  • Join the community!

Wynn Netherland is Founder and Pixel Pusher at Squeejee, a Texas-based web development shop specializing in Rails and having fun with MongoDB. MongoDB powers Tweet Congress (http://tweetcongress,org) which won an Award in the Activism category at 2009 SXSW Web Awards. When Wynn isn’t slinging code he’s usually on the front porch picking his guitar.

Last Month’s Goodies

  • Authlogic & Auth Helpers by Allen Walker ( slides) ( audio)
  • Sinatra Extensions & Heroku Deployment by Blake Mizerany ( audio)* Video is still being processed.


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