The weather has turned cool. Finally! Or has it? It’s Fall in Austin…Psyche! I think it was like 90 degrees at Maker Faire today. By the way, here’s a picture of me with R2-D2. Just so you know that we are not only bringing together Ruby and Rails developers, but that we are now reaching out to robots as well. Exciting times.

Meeting Details

Come on out this month to Datran Media at 7th and Brazos (just inside the doors, there is a bank of elevators; head to the 8th floor). As we tend to do, we will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss Ruby and Rails for a couple of hours. Afterwards we will adjourn to the local pub to continue the conversations. Make sure you arrive a bit early to get a good spot!

Patterns in Distributed Processing

RubyConf Talk Preview - Live In Austin!

Server-side data processing can be difficult to get right with requirements like fault tolerance, consistency or real time response. We’ll look at some generic characteristics of all distributed processing problems, examine open source tools which you can use to solve distributed computing problems and review a few Ruby examples to see their strengths and weaknesses.

Mike Perham is a Ruby developer at FiveRuns. He spent a decade working on various J2EE systems and has a Masters in CS from Cornell. Like his hero Scotty, he reads technical journals for fun.


Open Mic Night

Just like at your favorite comedy club, we will open the floor to you to share what you’ve been working on…a cool tip, a technique, a resource…please bring something to share with us!

I’ve been quite remiss with my posting of some very valuable links from last month (now if you are already following us on Twitter, then you’ve seen these), so I am going to provide maximum linkage right now in the October meeting announcement!

Here we go:

Otherinbox Overview

OtherInbox Slide Deck TechCrunch 50 pitch (video) Josh Baer at Austin on Rails on 9/23/08 (mp3) ### Building an App With Facebooker Jake Varghese at Austin on Rails on 9/23/08 (mp3) ### XMPP in Ruby XMPP in Ruby code on Github XMPP in Ruby Slide Deck Brian Dainton at Austin on Rails on 9/23/08 (mp3)

Our thanks to Mark Young for recording the presentations.


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