Come on out this month to Datran Media at 7th and Brazos (just inside the doors, there is a bank of elevators; head to the 8th floor). As we tend to do, we will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month to discuss Ruby and Rails for a couple of hours. Afterwards we will adjourn to the local pub to continue the conversations. Make sure you arrive a bit early to get a good spot!

Ike may not have brought us rain but it has fortunately ushered in a trifecta of Ruby talk goodness this month. We’ll hear what OtherInbox has been up to, learn how to build a Facebook app with Rails, and get a Ruby primer on the hottest new protocol on the web: XMPP.

OtherInbox Overview

We all get too much email, right? Come hear about OtherInbox, the cure for email overload. OtherInbox is an Austin company built on Ruby on Rails, Amazon Web Services and Sproutcore.

Joshua Baer spent the first 10 years of his career helping some of the largest companies in the world to send billions of emails to consumers. Now, as founder and CEO of OtherInbox, he’s focused on helping consumers to manage the overwhelming amount of email they receive. Many people already have email overload, and over the next few years it will only get worse. Baer leads OtherInbox with an extensive background as an entrepreneur, investor, technologist and email marketing expert.

While attending Carnegie Mellon University in 1996, Baer founded SKYLIST, one of the first email service providers. In 1998 he authored RFC 2369, a widely adopted standard for unsubscribing from email lists. In 2004, Baer founded UnsubCentral to help email marketing companies comply with regulatory requirements. The technologies eventually became top ranked solutions in their respective categories, winning customers such as Microsoft, Disney, Nascar, the Boston Globe, HBO, and Texas Monthly. In 2006 Baer sold SKYLIST and UnsubCentral to Datran Media and took on the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Baer holds Computer Science and Information Decision Systems degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and lives in Austin, TX with his wife Amy and two dogs.

Building a Facebook App With Facebooker

Build a Facebook app which utilizes external data from a web app.

Jake Varghese is the CEO of Flvorful & VP Software Development at OrgSync. Rubyist, DJ and Software Nerd.

A Change in Protocol: Exploring XMPP in Ruby

The dominant network protocol in use on the Web today is HTTP. As Rails developers writing RESTful apps, we rarely consider the possibilities that exist outside of this box. This talk will show how you can tap into the power of an alternative, complementary protocol – XMPP – to deliver new capabilities in your Rails apps.

A ten-year veteran of Austin high-tech startups, Brian Dainton has taken over a dozen commercial applications from napkin sketch to general availability. Originally a Java developer of 12 years, he began working with Rails in late 2006 and later joined FiveRuns to develop Ruby professionally. Brian blogs at The Budding Rubyist.


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