Greetings Austin Railers

Another hot Austin summer is in full swing and we’ve got another smokin’ meeting for you to boot! Except this time, you are the star. Yes folks, it’s true…it’s time for another round of lightning talks where you tell us what’s up. In addition, we’ve got some boys from College Station (that hotbed of crackling technological firepower) coming down to give us a preview of their Lone Star talk on Merb, the most popular of the Rails alternative Ruby web frameworks.

Meeting Location

Datran Media

Brazos (just inside the doors, there is a bank of elevators. head to the 8th floor) Always good to arrive early to get a spot!

Lightning Talks!

For our first segment this month, we are going to open up the floor for lightning talks, so please start thinking about what you would like to share now. :-) We’ll allow for 5 minutes or so per speaker, but no more than 10, and we’ll fit in as many as we can. Good ideas for a talk might be a tool or technique you’ve learned recently, a new Rails project you’ve developed, a brief tutorial on a process or library you’ve found helpful. Etc! Should be fun. ## Merb: The “Came for Rails, Stayed for Ruby” Framework Merb is the pocket rocket framework that’s creating buzz in the Rails community. Merb is fast. Merb is modular. Merb is efficient. And Merb might be the best choice for your next project. And it might not.

This presentation will provide an overview of the philosophy behind Merb, the 0.9 rewrite, where Merb is headed, and how it can compliment Rails. We will quickly dive into checking out Merb’s internals, a few Merb plugins, and how you can get involved in the Merb project. Merb is a great example of a ruby project done right, and we’ll highlight a few features that Merb knocks out of the park while helping your determine if merb is right for you.

Brian & Ben are partners in software consultancy specializing in Django, Rails, and Merb development. The team has closely followed the progress of both Merb and DataMapper since their respective 0.9 rewrites, contributing to the projects whenever possible. Since April 2008, they have been using Merb + DataMapper on new client applications.

In Other News

I’ve got some good news on the book front. At RailsConf, I made a connection with Pearson and they’ve sent me their Ruby Professional Series. This includes The Ruby Way and The Rails Way. So look out for some good book giveaways! I’ve also got versions for the library, so if somebody wants to borrow one, let me know.

Your monthly socialization practice will follow the meeting at B.D. Riley’s pub.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the meeting. Glad to be back!

Upcoming Events

As a side note, there are a couple of Ruby/Rails related events coming up here in Austin that you might want to register for:

Rails Bootup(August 2nd) - if you are newer to Ruby on Rails and would like to get up and running, check out this bootcamp that I am putting on with the help of some of my esteemed colleagues. Why not speed up your learning and spend a Saturday learning Rails?

Lone Star Ruby Conf(September 4-6) - this was a killer show last year and it looks to be a good one this year as well. And they’ve got Matz, the creator of Ruby, speaking at the conference!