Next Monday night (3/10/2008), we are having an AOR SXSW Happy Hour (sponsored by FiveRuns). The event is from 6-9PM in the Recreation Room at Buffalo Billiards (upstairs). There will be games galore (including Wii), beer, appetizers, and Rails geeks from all over the world. The first 100 attendees shall receive a very choice “Rails at SXSW” T-shirt. So, do come early!

You do not have to be a SXSW Interactive attendee (but if you are, just bring your badge) to enter the party. However, if you don’t have a badge, please send an email to “sxsw [at]” to reserve your party spot. If you’re feeling particularly social and geeky, you can add your name to over 70 Attending so far!)

Secondly, the meeting night poll concluded on March 1 and the results were strongly in favor of holding our meetings on the 4th Tuesday of the month (full poll results in the sidebar). We aren’t having a regular meeting in March due to the happy hour, but we will begin our fancy new schedule in April, on April 22nd. So, please mark your calendars. I have updated the Google Calendar accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you next Monday!