Howdy Folks

This month we’re going to have a product demonstration of ActionItem, a social tasking application developed by a local Rails startup. Mark Roberts and Guy Howe will be delivering the presentation.

Mr. Roberts, president of ActCentric Corporation, is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of progressive management, sales, and technical experience in information technology, with a special focus on open systems enterprise storage. Guy Howe is a primary developer on ActionItem, which is implemented in Ruby on Rails. is a new web service under development that is designed for agile group collaboration. is intended to replace using email and spreadsheets for managing tasks, while having a much lower barrier to adoption than formal project management tools. The service can support any type of project that involves 2 or more people for 2 or more days. Their primary focus is the area of ‘ad-hoc collaboration’ in which teams quickly form and collaborate on tasks such as planning, events, document writing and review, and other tasks relevant to high-value knowledge workers.

We’re also excited to have Mike Perham from FiveRuns give us a demo of JRuby and Glassfish.

Mike is a Software Engineer at FiveRuns. He’s also a member of the Apache project and has been developing open source software since 1995. He loves racing motorcycles and learning new technologies, especially anything that makes building web-based applications easier.

JRuby/Glassfish provides an alternative to Mongrel and Nginx, and allows you to mix Ruby and Java like peanut butter and chocolate.

Our meeting will be held at Frog Design at 8th and Congress.

Beverages and socialization practice to follow the meeting at Hickory Street.

Looking forward to seeing everyone out there!