Greetings Austin Railers!

For June, we will have a RailsConf recap from those of you who attended the 2nd Annual Rails Conference in Portland. Fun times!

We will also have a presentation from Mike Perham on ActiveScaffold, a Rails plugin for generating AJAXy CRUD.

Writing a web-based data entry UI for a complex application is never fun and quite often tedious. One key attribute for a good user interface is consistency but it still takes a knowledgeable and diligent development team to create the web pages which follow through on that design. ActiveScaffold is a plugin for Ruby on Rails (aka Rails) which provides dynamic model-based view generation. Instead of having to create pages by hand which display your models, ActiveScaffold will introspect your ActiveRecord models and dynamically generate a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) user interface for managing those objects.

Mike Perham is a Senior Software Engineer at IBM working on the WebSphere Business Services Fabric. He’s a member of the Apache project and has been developing open source software since 1995. He loves racing motorcycles and learning new technologies, especially anything that makes building web-based applications easier.

As per usual, we will meet in the lovely space at Frog Design on 8th and Congress. Thanks Frog!