Howdy Austin Railers

We’ve got a heckuva program for you shaping up in May. Just as the engines of RailsConf start to rev up, we are going to come together once again in the über cool Frog Design industrial creative playspace.

Tim Pope is the creator of rails.vim, a phenomenally popular plugin for Rails development with Vim. He’s also a core member of the Vim/Ruby team, which maintains the Ruby and eRuby syntax, indent, and configuration files for Vim. He currently resides in San Antonio and works full time as a programmer for J.M. Waller Associates, an environmental engineering firm.

Tim’s presentation will serve as a general tour of Rails development with Vim. Both standard features and plugins will be explored, with a heavy emphasis placed on rails.vim.

We are also going to be running our first PeepCode screencast, courtesy of Geoffrey Grosenbach, the creator of PeepCode and the Ruby on Rails podcast.

RJS Templates are one of the most exciting parts of Rails. You can manipulate pages and use Ajax to its full extent without knowing Javascript!

This 50 minute Quicktime video tutorial shows you how to use the basic RJS methods from scratch. You’ll be adding to your skills and using RJS to make more responsive and interactive applications.


  • Using RJS to update page elements
  • Communicating with Javascript
  • Client and server based RJS
  • Refactoring with helpers and templates
  • Testing RJS with the ARTS plugin
  • Source code for the demo used in the tutorial Cody Fauser’s RJS Templates for Rails book makes a great companion to the screencast.

Once again, we are meeting at Frog Design at 8th and Congress from 7-9 PM. If we can actually finish on time, we may make it next door for frosty beverages and socialization practice. I look forward to seeing you all come out and join us!