We had an awesome turnout at the Austin On Rails / FiveRuns Happy Hour. I hope that you were able to make it out. I believe that most of you must have because there were hundreds of people there! Thanks for making it a great event.

In April, we’ve got a delicious mix of local talent showing off new Rails apps under development and a Rails best practices talk that you won’t want to miss.

Inside Methods Presents: BrainFlick

A Ruby on Rails based collaborative e-learning authoring and courseware tool.

The presentation will focus on a technology discussion around this Ruby on Rails app that includes support for the Canvas API, SVG, and leverages various Javascript libraries on the browser side, and on the server side is pure Ruby on Rails plus MySQL and RMagick… and more!

George and Ed Cowsar will be there to give you a preview and discuss their new product… which isn’t announced yet. Ed (the CEO) will have the floor for a few seconds, then George (chief cook and bottle washer) will give the technology presentation and discussion.

George is a veteran of Apple Computer for 8 years where he was a Senior Engineer in Networking and Communications and System Software, Cisco for 5 years where he was Senior Technical Lead on the IP/TV enterprise streaming video product, Engineering Manager of IP/TV and the ACNS content networking products, and dabbled in some cutting edge VoIP investigations. George was also a co-founder of three previous high tech startups where technology he helped create was integrated in Microsoft, Apple, and Cisco products.

Ed, a BS in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M, and Principal of Inside Methods. Ed has 25 years of management, sales and consulting experience. For three years he was a consultant and principal at The Complex Sale, and is informed on learning styles and how to best create effective curriculum and accomplish training. He was responsible for professional services for PeopleSoft Public Services in the Central US, and Academic Medical Centers nationally for Oracle Higher Education. He prioritized requirements to address unmet needs of the eLearning for ERP Applications space, and now he is promoting the BrainFlick Beta contest.

The Tao of Rails: Elegant and Efficient Coding Habits

Joyful code makes for joyful coders. Learning Ruby On Rails idioms, patterns, and principles allows us to work with Rails – rather than against it – to write joyful, elegant code that shortens development time and keeps coders happy.

Rein Heinrichs has been designing and developing for the web for 3 years. He picked up Rails a year ago and hasn’t looked back. He has been working with Rails full-time for the past 6 months and has a passion for elegant code and design.

Please come on out at and join us at Frog Design at 8th and Congress. Socialization practice follows at Hickory Street. :)

See you soon!