Where: Frog Design at 8th and Congress Ave

When: November 14, 2006 @ 7PM

Rails and Ajax: a Brief Overview from Real-World Projects

The presentation this month will be on using Prototype and Scriptaculous to take a Rails application that normally would have been handled with a lot of form posts, and convert it to Ajax using drag and drop and other Ajax options to make it perform better for users. It is an issue tracking system loosely based on Scrum. David will show how they built the application, and waded through the scattered Rails/Ajax documentation to come up with the Ajax pieces we have implemented.

In addition, David will show the work they’ve done with the Google Maps API and Ajax, where there was not Prototype/Scriptaculous support, and the existing gems only provided minimal functionality. He’ll show how they hacked the Google Maps API rather than just use RJS and simplified commands. This will be a nice contrast on “rolling your own” Ajax handling versus using built-ins and why they ultimately decided to develop their own.

David Bluestein II is the President and Lead Developer of ii, inc., a web development firm focussed on Web application and database development. He has been doing Web programming for over 12 years, mainly in Perl. He began early this year to develop in Ruby/Rails, and his company has launched three Rails based sites, and has two more due to launch in November. ii, inc., also uses Rails extensively to rapid prototype client sites that will be developed in other languages such as ASP.

Austin On Rails is very pleased to report some fantastic news. Through a very generous donation by Steven Smith at FiveRuns (who spoke at our October meeting if you recall), we will be having an Austin On Rails First Anniversary and Holiday Party celebrating a wonderful year of Riding the Rails™. More details will be available soon, but please mark your calendars for the evening of Tuesday, December 12th