Greetings Austin Railers

Normally we would meet up on the 12th, but a scheduling issue at Frog requires us to go with the 19th instead. So our meeting algorithm now has another variable. :)

At RailsConf in Chicago this summer, DHH laid down the gauntlet for building Rails applications in more of a REST style. We thought we would take some time at this meeting and dive into what REST is all about and how we can make our web applications better suited to that style of development.

Austin Railers Mars Hall and Steve Odom will be bringing the house down with a foundational presentation as well as an application case study. This is going to be a great one!

For our book giveaway, we are going to have two Rails books to get you up and riding the Rails: Agile Web Development with Rails (AWDwR) and Bruce Tate’s brand spankin’ new Ruby on Rails: Up And Running.

Look forward to seeing you there at Frog Design at 8th and Congress…