Well, we rocked UT’s Taylor Hall with Dave Thomas at the helm. Wow, that was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who came out and for those of you who braved the parking at the Crown and Anchor. Commendable! For your dining pleasure as the summer comes to its blazing crescendo, we’ve asked our very own “Iron Chef Austin” Rob Mack to prepare an entrée of baked Capistrano for you. He will be serving up a scrumptious “Deploying Your App With Capistrano”. Subsequently, and heretofore, we also have the following lightning talks (a.k.a “delicious morsels”) lined up for you:

  • “Rails Security Update” by Dallas Pool (Maybe…)
  • “RMagick vs. MiniMagick: Save Yourself Some Heartache” by Mars Hall
  • “Trackless: An Example of Using ActiveRecord and ActionMailer Outside of Rails” by David Rose
  • “Sharing Models Across SVN Projects” by Damon Clinkscales
  • “Getting Started with Integration Testing” by Manton Reece I am open to another talk or two, so please let me know if you’ve got something to share. Lightning talks are 5-10 min. talks on a narrowly focused topic. Slides not necessary, so what’re you waiting for?! Because I just don’t know when to stop, we have an awesome book giveaway this month. Our very own Bruce Tate’s new book From Java To Ruby will be up for grabs. See you at Frog Design at 8th and Congress on the 15th!