We are excited to have Bruce Tate speaking to the group! Bruce will talk about his experience using Ruby on Rails within a local conservative organization and with a startup. He’ll focus on some of the interesting challenges within his projects:

  • Ramping up a Java team to do Ruby development
  • Building in reporting by reflecting on Active Record objects
  • Working with large trees, with mostly read access
  • Challenges

About Bruce

Bruce Tate is a father, mountain biker, and independent consultant from Austin, Texas. He is a reforming Java developer with six books, including Beyond Java. He has two books nearing completion, including Rails: Up and Running (with Curt Hibbs), and From Java to Ruby. Bruce does design reviews, education, mentoring and jump starts for lightweight processes and technologies, including SCRUM with test-first development, Spring/persistence strategies (on Java), and Ruby with specializations in Rails, including Active Record.


We’ve talked a lot about Rails, but tonight let’s roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty with some code! Bring your laptop and let’s try to throw together a Rails app. We were thinking that it would be fun to write a member directory app for this web site, but if you have a better idea we are open. To participate in coding, please make sure you have Ruby, Rails and MySQL installed. ## Time and Place Tuesday, Feb 21 at 7pm
Frog Design
804 Congress Ave