Twenty-six of us attended the December meeting. After learning about Migrations and Ajax we went next door to Hickory Street and stayed til closing time. This month, we’re at the same place, but in a much bigger room!


The basics of Ruby and why it’s cool

Ruby is radically object-oriented, sophisticated, and flexible. After covering the basics of Ruby, Hal will discuss the dynamic nature of Ruby and why you should care. He will show how you can add methods at runtime, the power of open classes (running with scissors), and how to use the method_missing method.

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Hal Fulton has two degrees in computer science and twenty years of industry experience. He is the author of The Ruby Way and has been using Ruby since 1999.

Debugging the Rails

So you’re developing your first web application on Rails, and you’re running into all sorts of problems. Whiny nils, missing methods, and unsaved assocations; what’s a developer to do? Rick will show you how to not only debug the problems you will face, but learn what the framework is doing under the covers.

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Rick Olson has developed web applications using languages such as PHP, Python, ASP.Net, and Rails since 2001. He discovered Ruby on Rails in January of 2005 and saved himself from a career of delivering ASP.Net applications