Our first meeting was a blast — 21 people gathered for a decidedly friendly meeting. We’re getting together again to discuss Ruby and Rails, please join us for presentations followed by a social hour at Hickory Street Bar & Grill.


ActiveRecord Migrations in Rails

You may have seen how easy it is to get started with a simple database for your Rails application. But what happens as it needs to grow? Eric explores how Rails migrations can be used whether you are just beginning your application, maintaining a production system, or wanting to port an existing application to Rails.

Download Presentation [PDF]

Speaker Info

Eric Stewart has been developing software for more than a decade in the areas of desktop products, mobile devices, enterprise software, and web applications. He spent a good part of his career working in Java and likes to work with tools like Ruby and Rails as much as possible.

Ajax and Rails

It’s almost impossible to read about web application development without seeing the term Ajax — but what is it really and how can we incorporate it in our Rails apps? Robert tells us all about it.

Speaker Info

The blogless Robert Rasmussen has spent most of his software development career building Java web applications. He’s been developing Ruby on Rails applications since December 2004.