• Meeting: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    Rails Friends!

    Please join us for the April Edition of Austin on Rails. Your Rails conductor this month is Damon Clinkscales.

    Using React.js with Rails - Shahriar Sikder

    Shah will be talking about React, a new JavaScript library from Facebook, and how you can use it with Rails. React.js is a library for building user interfaces, and allows you to take care of the view layer in your Rails app in a more elegant way. We will be going through some slides as well as some live coding, so bring your laptops!

    Shah is a software developer with passion for Rails, currently working for Atlantic.net as well as consulting.

    Continuous Deployment of Rails Applications - Diane Cessna

    Continuous deployment and continuous delivery are often used interchangeably. They might sound very similar, but there are huge process and culture shifts needed in order to switch from continuous delivery to continuous deployment. At Sharethrough, we recently implemented continuous deployment for all of our applications and services, but our large Rails application was the most challenging to convert. This talk will cover how to get started with continuous deployment, the specific tools and gems we’re using, and the lessons we learned along the way. Most importantly, we’ll talk about how continuous deployment has improved team morale and the joys of committing to master.

    Diane Cessna is an Engineering Team Lead at Sharethrough, a leading native monetization company for the open web, where she leads development for the platform used to create and manage native ads. Diane holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Indiana University and has over 7 years of professional web application development experience.

  • SXSW Web Developer Happy Hour 2015


    It’s party time! Excellent! (air guitar)

    You’re invited to the once a year extravaganza that is the…SXSW Web Developer Happy Hour!


    Buffalo Billiards

    201 East 6th Street

    Monday, March 16, 2015


    Ticket required: https://austinonrails.ticketbud.com/sxsw-2015 (developer discount code available)


    Please join us on the Monday of SXSW for good conversation, appetizers, and a night out without the laptop. Buffalo Billiards has tons of games, such as darts, billiards, and shuffleboard.

    We invited bonafide web geek and designer Alex Baldwin to DJ our event.

    Click the robot to check out last year’s set:

    alex baldwin dj set

    It’s easily the best party for the HTTP crowd.

    Web developers of all stripes are welcome (backend, frontend…you name it)! Please note that the venue is 21+.

    Ticketbud is handmade right here in Austin, Texas!

    We could not put on this event without the gracious help of our awesome sponsors. Please take a moment to thank them on Twitter.



    Our platform empowers developers, IT/Ops, and business leaders to transform their business using real-time data directly from production software.


    MakerSquare is a selective 3 month full-time career accelerator for software engineering. By teaching computer science fundamentals and modern web technologies, MakerSquare prepares students to join the workforce as modern software engineers.


    Keep Ruby Weird is a annual conference that works to highlight all the weird that Austin has to offer while educating folks on the beauty of Ruby.

    Thanks also to our community sponsors: Ticketbud, Capital Factory, Thoughtbot, Harvest, and Microsoft.

  • Meeting: Tuesday February 24, 2005 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    It’s February, that means it’s time for LIGHTNING TALKS!

    Lightning Talks are short talks about topics relevant to the community. Anyone can participate and it’s always a LOT of fun. Your Rails conductor this month is Anthony Lewis.

    Section 1 (7-8PM)

    1. “Simplify your operations with orchestra”, Nathan Ladd, @realntl
    2. “React.js Real Quick (Pun Intended)”, Tim Tyrrell, @timtyrrell
    3. “The Best of Both Worlds: JSON in Postgres 9.4”, Chad Bailey, @chadbailey59
    4. “What I Learned Putting In Wood Floors and How It Applies to Development”, @randito
    5. “Firing the Asset Pipeline for your Single-Page App”, Brandon Hays, @tehviking
    6. “3 learning techniques to stay up-to-date with web technologies”, Alejo Rivera, @alejoriveralara

    Section 2 (8-9PM)

    1. “Pry: greatest hits”, Patrick Mahoney, @patricknmahoney
    2. “Something about Clojure”, Nick McDonnough, @nickmcdonnough
    3. “Jekyll and Mr Blog”, Nola Stowe, @rubygeek
    4. “Everything The Bare Minimum You Always Wanted to Should Know About Database Indexes* (*But Didn’t Ask Until Your App Went Down)”, John Dalton, @johndalton

    This meeting is sure to be a blast!

    Also, don’t forget to RSVP to our Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour today! Invite your web geek friends who will be in town to come hang out with us, have a few drinks, play some games, and chat web technology.

    Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour

  • Meeting: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    Welcome to 2015!

    Hop on your hoverboard and join us for the first meeting of the year. Your Rails conductor this month is Matt Swain.

    Active Record Associations - Anthony Lewis

    Everything you ever wanted to know about Active Record Associations, but were afraid to ask. What really happens when you call has many or belongs to? Where does the foreign key go again? Do I use has many :through or has and belongs to many? How do I remove a model from an association without deleting it? These questions and more will be answered through slides and live coding.

    Anthony Lewis is a Senior Software Engineer at Spredfast (formerly Mass Relevance) and the author of Rails Crash Course.

    Accelerating Rails Development with Hobo - Steve Madere

    Hobo turns Rails into RAD without limits

    Everybody wants to launch their new web app yesterday. Whether it’s time-to-market pressure or agile expectations, we are all under the gun to “get something useful out there now!” In this talk, you’ll learn how you can leverage Hobo (http://hobocentral.net) to build extendable apps almost instantly from little more than a data model (without using a bunch of crufty scaffolding). To prove it, we’ll build a working app during the talk. You’ll also see how Hobo supports rapid enhancement and dries up your code (reducing LOC and thus maintenance liability).

    Steve Madere is a serial startup CTO and entrepreneur who has been active in the Austin startup community since 1990 and using Rails since 2008. He studied Physics at UT and UCSD and created the Usenet search engine Deja News during the Jurassic period of the Internet. When not coding or starting companies, he gets his adrenaline fix from windsurfing, snowboarding and rock climbing.

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