• Meeting: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 @ 7-9PM [6:30PM Open]

    What Clojure Has Taught Me About Functional Programming - Nola Stowe

    Ruby has functional methods such as reduce and map, how much do you use them? What can those functions tell you about conveying intent? Functional programming can make your code speak for itself and be easier to test. You can walk away knowing that the next guy (or lady!) will have an idea of what your code is doing at a glance. Nola will share what she has been learning in Clojure about functional programming the last few years and how you can apply it to your ruby code.

    Nola has been coding Rails applications since version 0.8 and has worked as a Web Developer for the past 18 years in PHP, Perl, Javascript, Ruby and Clojure. She is an independant consultant at RubyGeekLLC and blogs at http://www.rubygeek.com.

    An Approach To Scale Monolithic Codebases - John Underwood

    There comes a time when your codebase has grown to a certain size and perhaps past the point of CRUD functionality. Issues begin to arise with shared logic, which tend to pool in models or controllers. Using code examples, I’ll guide you through patterns to help alleviate this pain. We’ll focus on the Reform and Cells gems within Trailblazer and how you can use them to manage a codebase. Insights from this talk can help if you have fat controllers, fat models, a large lib directory or feel like your view layer code is brittle.

    John began working with Rails in 2008 and has worked in dozens of Rails codebases since then of various sizes and complexity. After graduating from UT with a CS degree, he has spent his career simplifying codebases for non-profit organizations and startups alike.

  • Meeting: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open] @ Devbootcamp

    Important! We are meeting at Dev Bootcamp this month!

    • Dev Bootcamp is located on the first floor of 1705 Guadalupe St.
    • Parking: Street parking is available around the campus of Dev Bootcamp.
    • The front door into the building where Dev Bootcamp is located locks at 6PM. We will have someone at the door, but please text or call 979.575.5007 if you arrive and are locked out.

    Metaprogramming is “writing code that writes code” – but what does that mean? - Amanda Chang

    In this talk, we’ll use metaprogramming techniques to reimplement some common Ruby tools and then look at how we can use metaprogramming to design libraries in Ruby.

    Amanda Chang (@changamanda) is an Austin-based full-stack developer whose first “language love” is Ruby. Whenever she’s not writing code, she’s probably playing ultimate frisbee.

    Docker: What It Is and Why You Should Care - Alexander Clark

    Docker? Seriously? Seriously. Learn what Docker is and how it can simplify (not complicate) your development workflow.

    Alexander has been programming for a very long time. When he met Ruby, it was love at first sight. He is currently working as Development Lead at WeInfuse. He’s @atheclark on twitter and he blogs at alexander-clark.com.

  • Meeting: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open]

    Facepalm To Foolproof: Common Gotchas for Running Rails Apps in Production - Chad Bailey

    If you’re new to Rails development, or just want some tips on deploying and running in production, this is the talk for you. Relying on real-world experience as part of the Heroku support team, we’ll talk through common issues (and a few funny ones) we see when people take their “but it works in development!” app to a production environment.

    Chad Bailey left a career as a rocket scientist to build web apps, and he’s been doing just that for the better part of a decade. Chad currently works on the support team at Heroku, where he helps customers run their databases on one of the largest production Postgres fleets in the world.

    Script Organization with Thor & Rake - Youssef Chaker

    You’ve probably used some of the Rails commands (eg. rails generate MODEL) and Rake tasks, but do you know where they come from? This talk goes over the different ways you can add command line scripts to your Ruby on Rails application.

    Youssef is the bear in Bear & Giraffe LLC, been working with Ruby on Rails since 2008, and loves building custom web applications that present their own new challenges. Raised speaking three “human” languages, which makes learning a new programming language a walk in the park. Can be found on the inter webs at @ychaker.

  • Meeting: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open]

    Hiring (and Keeping) Junior Developers — Justin Herrick

    As the saying goes, “juniors juniors everywhere, but no one I can hire.” Lets tackle the myths and realities of hiring and working with junior developers on a small team. Then spend time talking about interviewing, hiring, retaining, and mentoring junior developers. A code free and open discussion on the practice and practices needed to land the best talent of the future, today.

    Justin Herrick is a consultant, software craftsman, and educator currently working as the Ruby on Rails Instructor at The Iron Yard Austin.

    Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Realtime with ActionCable

    Nathaniel Jones takes us on a high-speed tour of Rails 5’s flagship feature: * What is Rails 5’s ActionCable, and how would it make my customers’ experiences better? * What are ActionCable’s components, dependencies, and deployment considerations? * How does it operate under load? What performance strategies can I consider to ensure high concurrency?

    Even if you’re planning to hang out with Rails 4 for the time being, ActionCable can be dropped into a Rails 4 stack with a couple of Gemfile lines. Come on by!

    Nathaniel Jones is a developer at Scout RFP.

    HUGE thanks to our pizza sponsor for this month, Condé Nast, and our socialization practice sponsor One More Cloud!

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