• Meeting: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open]

    Hiring (and Keeping) Junior Developers — Justin Herrick

    As the saying goes, “juniors juniors everywhere, but no one I can hire.” Lets tackle the myths and realities of hiring and working with junior developers on a small team. Then spend time talking about interviewing, hiring, retaining, and mentoring junior developers. A code free and open discussion on the practice and practices needed to land the best talent of the future, today.

    Justin Herrick is a consultant, software craftsman, and educator currently working as the Ruby on Rails Instructor at The Iron Yard Austin.

    Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Realtime with ActionCable

    Nathaniel Jones takes us on a high-speed tour of Rails 5’s flagship feature: * What is Rails 5’s ActionCable, and how would it make my customers’ experiences better? * What are ActionCable’s components, dependencies, and deployment considerations? * How does it operate under load? What performance strategies can I consider to ensure high concurrency?

    Even if you’re planning to hang out with Rails 4 for the time being, ActionCable can be dropped into a Rails 4 stack with a couple of Gemfile lines. Come on by!

    Nathaniel Jones is a developer at Scout RFP.

    HUGE thanks to our pizza sponsor for this month, Condé Nast, and our socialization practice sponsor One More Cloud!

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  • Meeting: Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open]

    After a break for SXSW and the Web Developer Happy Hour, we’re back!

    It’s All About Dem Bots — Tim Scott

    Did you notice that everyone’s talking about bots all of the sudden? Tech Crunch recently proclaimed that “Bots Are The New Apps.” Facebook just announced at F8 that bots are are coming to Facebook Messenger. Bot stores are popping up everywhere. Some say that bots will even supplant search.

    Meanwhile Slack continues to take over group collaboration.

    Let’s create a simple Slackbot in Ruby. It’s easy with the slack-ruby-bot gem. We’ll hook it up to a Slack group and deploy it to Heroku. We’ll talk a little about the bot landscape and the future of bots.

    Tim Scott is full stack developer, freelancer and sometime entrepreneur.

    The Original Skunk Works (preview of RailsConf talk) — Nickolas Means

    Long before Agile and Lean became buzzwords, a scrappy group of aerospace engineers at Lockheed’s Skunk Works were using similar practices to produce some of the most amazing aircraft ever built. The famous U-2 spy plane, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-117A Stealth Fighter are among the incredible planes the engineers at Skunk Works produced under impossibly tight deadlines and very limited budgets.

    What can we learn from the stories of these amazing planes and the engineers who built them? Let’s go back to our roots and let the original experts teach us about building awesome stuff together.

    Nickolas Means is a coder, truth-seeker, and VP of Engineering at WellMatch Health.

  • Meeting: Tuesday, February 23, 2016 @ 7 9PM [6:30PM Open]

    It’s February, that means it’s time for LIGHTNING TALKS!

    Lightning Talks are short talks about topics relevant to the community. Anyone can participate and it’s always a lot of fun.

    Section 1 (7-8PM)

    1. Keith Gaddis, Topic TBD, @karmajunkie
    2. Caleb Thompson, Hacker’s Diet, @calebthompson
    3. Jesse Kipp, Topic TBD
    4. Nathaniel Jones, Rails-ey services with CloudFront and Middleman, @thenthj
    5. Max Holzheu, Vim tricks, @maxholzheu
    6. Scott Hudson, RTFM, @swhudson

    Section 2 (8-9PM)

    1. Brandon Harris, TBD, @bbwharris
    2. Matt Buck, Adding a voice interface to a Rails app, @techpeace
    3. Nathan Ladd - Linearization basics: modeling state as an ordered sequence of transitions, @realntl
    4. Matt Swain, Docker on Rails - An operational dream and nightmare, @mswain
    5. Scott Hamilton, Breaking the monolith with RabbitMq and JSONAPI, @greeneggs614
    6. Alexander Clark, Building with Rack, @atheclark

    Also, don’t forget to RSVP to our Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour today! Invite your web geek friends who will be in town to come hang out with us, have a few drinks, play some games, and chat web technology.

    Austin on Rails Web Developer SXSW Happy Hour

  • Celebrating Austin on Rails Ten Year Anniversary: Jan 26, 2016 @ 7-9PM [6:30PM Open]

    With a Little Help from My Friends - Anthony Lewis

    A look back at how Austin on Rails has helped me grow my career from an entry level Rails developer to an instructor, conference speaker, published author, and team lead in less than five years. Learn how you can participate in and benefit from this awesome community.

    Anthony Lewis is an Engineering Team Lead at Sharethrough and the author of Rails Crash Course. He enjoys breakfast tacos and talking about himself in the third person.

    Death by a Thousand (Almost) Cuts, a Ruby on Rails and Angular JS Love Story - Youssef Chaker

    You start off needing a quick script to make part of your consulting work less repetitive, so you write a small python script. You then add a couple more features. Sprinkle some Angular JS on top. And before you know it, you’re selling the tool as “Enterprise Software”, but you can’t add any of the “enterprisey” features because your code is a big mess. You hear about this shiny red gem that everyone’s talking about, all the cool kids are using it, so you hire a contractor to port your Python app into a Ruby on Rails app. In this talk you’ll learn about what to expect from this endeavor.

    Youssef is the bear in Bear & Giraffe LLC, been working with Ruby on Rails since 2008, and loves building custom web applications that present their own new challenges. Raised speaking three “human” languages, which makes learning a new programming language a walk in the park. Can be found on the inter webs at @ychaker.

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